The Master Cleanse

Book: Master Cleanse front cover

Master Cleanse book

So….after much consideration and research I’ve decided to have a go at the master cleanse (

Today is day 1. So far, nothing of any real interest is happening – not particularly missing food, been for a 6.5km run with a mate, it’s all relatively normal for me. The salt wash this morning was hard work, as expected it tasted horrid!

I’m managing to keep myself focused on other aspects of my life so not really spending any time thinking about food. (aside from now of course!). Today I weighed in at 17.6 stone, heavy! We’ll keep an eye on that.

I’d day, so far so good.

Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) macro tips…

SWG Macro’s can be a lot of fun, adding automatic actions to the game can help you a lot!

Whilst using a pet grind macro I did a little research and found a nice little trick you can use to add some fun to your macro’s.

Target something (preferably someone, player or NPC) and type this in the chat box:

/say %TT, I’m going to get you!!

…or something along those lines. You’ll note that instead of %TT, the game replaces that shortcut with the targetted persons/objects name. Neat eh.

Here’s some more shortcuts you can use:

  • %TU – your full name (first and last)
  • %TT – your current look at target target’s full name
  • %NU – your first name
  • %NT – your target’s short version name (first only)
  • %SU – personal subjective pronoun: he/she/it for the speaker
  • %ST – he/she/it for the target
  • %OU – personal objective pronoun: him/her/it for the speaker
  • %OT – him/her/it for your target
  • %PU – possessive: his/her/its for the speaker
  • %PT – his/her/its for your target
  • %RU – your species
  • %RT – your target’s species
  • %KU – your profession title
  • %KT – your target’s profession title

Happy macro’ing!

Some content copied from: This page also has many `slash commands`to look over!

New years resolutions

Every year I think about resolutions and never really stick to them but this will be different! (just like the last "this will be different!")

This year I’m going to try and achieve/stick to these resolutions below:

  • No more coke/sprite/fizza soda drinks of any kind (beer is allowed!)
  • Run at least 3 times a week, every week (weather permitting!)
  • Learn German
  • Learn the guitar
  • Publish an iPhone App (Game or otherwise)

A short list but I thought if I make it long I won’t stick to it!

Wish me luck


Postcode to Latitude and Longitude Converter

Recently I have had a requirement to convert postcodes into latitude and longitude co-ordinates. During the process i found methods of doing this and thought I’d whip up a quick app to share.
Download this postcode to latitude and longitude converter zip, launch the console app and enter your postcode. Returned will be the latitude/longitude.
Hope you find it useful!
(This app requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5)